What can I post? and MORE

You are wondering if you can post this or that? good. We are gonna tell you more about what we want this site to be.

You can post EVERYTHING you want: fetish, girl, asian, black, anime, hentai, boobs, ass, girl to girl, masturbation… BUT we do NOT ALLOW PORN (guy fucks girl raw) and GOREĀ  (blood, shit, etc..) we are gonna implement new categories but in the meantime we stick to the soft-core type for the sake of the site.

We also plan on implementing a system which users can exchange their points for various offers and free stuff. (we are still researching)

With that said, if the site grows with more users and posts, its obvious that we will swap to a bigger hosting (server where the web is running) with faster connection times.

Have in mind that we are doing this in our free time because we love the NSFW community and we feel that we need more quality sites with sources.

If you want to donate and be part of the change, we will be extremely thankfull and put you in the hall of fame for all the users to see and also an achievement for such action. If this site becomes very popular your name will be visible to all users and you will be one of the NSFW pioneers. (to donate just email us at hello@nsfwmemes.com )